We are proud stockists of the Interton Move Range.

A sound upgrade

An all-new full family of user-friendly hearing aids that will let you help more clients, and upgrade existing ones, more easily.

A full day of freedom

The first Interton Move rechargeable solution with that holds up to 30 hours of power.

Better wireless connectivity

Seamlessly stream from both iOS and selected Android™ devices, using the super-stable Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.  

Proven technology made simple

Offers your client well-know GN technology without overly complex solutions. 

Your smartphone loves Interton

Connect to happiness

Interton Move have more benefits than you might expect, making them a great addition to everyday life.

Interton Move features direct audio streaming to both iOS and selected Android devices. This advance means you can offer Interton Move to more clients, safe in the knowledge they can use their hearing aids to stream calls, listen to their favourite soundtracks or catch-up on the latest podcast.

Stream sound straight to your hearing aid

With our wireless accessories, you can also use your Interton hearing aids to stream sound and entertainment wirelessly.

Stream TV sound

Stream stereo sound directly to your hearing aids.

Enjoy conversations

Stream a conversation in your hearing aids, without any of the noise.

Enjoy phone conversation

Stream phone calls to your hearing aids.

Control your hearing aids

Adjust the volume of your hearing aids and more…

Designed for a life to be well lived

The Interton Move family offers all form factors in a robust and comfortable design.

At Interton we believe life is for living, so we have taken great care to ensure Interton Move full family of hearing aids is both protected against tear and is comfortable to wear.

All form factors – including rechargeable hearing instrument (RHI) and Super Power BTE – feature nano-coating and IP68 certified. This means the hearing aids have our highest protection against both sweat and dust and are water resistant.

For more information on the Interton hearing aids please visit the Interton WEBSITE or CONTACT US directly.

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